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98% 3D  Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung S7 edge
Type : 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Thickness : 0.33mm
Material : Japan AGC
Color : Gold/Silver/Gray Black
Brand : Blue Rose
MOQ : 100pcs/model
Delivery time : 5-7days
Model : for Samsung S7 edge
Hardness : 9H
Payment : TT, Paypal,Western Union
Certificate : ROHS,CE,SGS
Product Details

Producing Details(advantage of our products)

1. Raw Material Cutting: Using Japan imported AGC Ashahi Glass and cutting according to size with digital controlmachines.

2. CNC: Use high precision CNC engraving machines to low down below 3C of difference and change the engraving head per 4 hours to make sure 2.5D perfect effect.

3. Polishing: Using 15mm soft blisters with 0.8 - 1.2 um super light sweep power to sweep in more than 8 minutes to make the glass surface and edge smoother.

4. EDI(first time) : Using EDI super clear water to clean the glass in 3 minutes to make sure not any dust on the surface.

5. Automatic Tempering: Using 99.9% potassium nitrate under temperature of 420° in 4 hours to make the glass anti shatter and bending of 90 ° (0.2mm bending reaches 180°)

6. EDI(second time) : same with the first time

7. Anti Oil Coating: Adopting double plasma Spraying Technology and using 5% density anti fingerprint oil which is imported from Germany to make sure high oil free.

8. Automatic Spraying Machine: 150°, 30 minutes, anti fingerprint electroplating process to make sure anti scratch up to above 3000times, the drop corner reaches 115 °

9. AB Glue: Used Japan Nippa Best Glue to make sure high speed of velocity

10. QC: Every step, we have different QC personels to check quality to make sure customers get the best quality products.